Dr. Nicholas Brüss, EdD, LMFT

Integrative Psychotherapy • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy • Psychedelic Integration

Los Angeles, California


You are invited to practice freedom.

Freedom from the limiting beliefs and self-defeating patterns that cause disconnection, and freedom to be, fully you, to experience connection as your innate nature.

When we feel connected, we have a natural versatility in responding to inner and outer challenges. Fear, anger, grief, feeling stuck, past trauma, and their associated limiting beliefs can disconnect us from our selves and our lives. I offer a practice and a space to move from disconnection into connection with your core aliveness and your inner knowing. From this connection, qualities such as vitality and flow emerge, as well as foundational rest and innovative trust. The confidence and presence to meet life as it is, to handle what needs to be handled, and to deepen intimacy, naturally arise for both individuals and couples alike.  

My Approach

is for intimately living your life and being at home in your body. It’s a highly collaborative process that requires showing up to get down, way down, into exploring what’s true for you.

I’m present from a position of knowing that you, like me and everyone else I’ve worked with, have an innate capacity to heal as well as an inner knowing. Your inner healing capacity knows to show you what needs your attention. Your inner knowing knows exactly how to be with, and what to do with, whatever that experience is. 

This work reconnects you with your inner knowing. How? By together meeting anything that gets in the way of accessing it. How? By together deploying awareness, cultivating a curious and compassionate stance, and welcoming the wisdom of your body. We’ll also be studying relational patterns and current lifestyle, refining communication skills, identifying and strengthening resources, and integrating the different aspects of yourself.

This process is movement into alignment with your inner knowing, instead of perpetuating outdated stories or planning for a future self. What emerges is a felt-sense of connection and the ability to respond more skillfully and creatively to whatever challenges arise.


This work fosters harmony between the different, sometimes disowned, parts of the constellation that is you. Including your desire, fear, anger, grief, spontaneity and innocence. We practice attuning to and relating with your direct experience, as it is, rather than reacting to interpretations about it. We cultivate an alliance with all parts of you and your inner knowing.

This work reveals wholeness through radical inclusion of the different relationships in your life, lifestyle factors, and of the larger systems in which your life is unfolding. Interpersonal relationships (such as with intimate partners, friends, family, and colleagues), lifestyle considerations (such as sleep, exercise, diet, drugs, work, play, and contemplative practices), and the context of one’s life (such as race/ethnicity, cultural perspectivestransgenerational trauma, and sociopolitical factors), all come together and are held by a unified point of view.

This work brings together multiple modalities and a very special team. In addition to my own wide-ranging training and experience, I also meet weekly with a diverse group of gifted health practitioners. This team includes an integrative psychiatrist, an Ayurveda medicine practitioner, trauma bodywork specialists, a neurofeedback expert, and somatic, spiritually-oriented psychotherapists. Collaboratively and through an inclusive holistic framework, we explore potential biological, psychological, social and transpersonal impediments to clients’ connection with wholeness.

Self Leadership (IFS)

I’m a senior Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist in Los Angeles.

IFS is a clear, non-pathologizing, empowering, modality that I utilize to help​ you detect and then deepen your relationship with the various parts of your experience (like your self-critic or fear).

Trauma, limiting patterns, ​and associated negative beliefs, likely learned earlier in life, get seen and tended to, unburdening your system and bringing forth balance and aliveness.

Simply put, this work establishes you, not your fears or limiting beliefs, as the leader of your precious life.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) + (IFS)

Ketamine is a generic medication that has a 50 year history of safe use worldwide as an anesthetic agent in medical procedures. Used in sub-anesthetic doses, ketamine has shown great promise as an off-label treatment for many mental health conditions. 

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a leading edge therapeutic process that can produce rapid improvement for a number of human conditions, including depression, anxiety, suicidality. Combining Internal Family Systems (IFS) with KAP can accelerate a healing process, assisting your innate healing capacity by growing relationships with the parts of you that hold entrenched limiting beliefs and/or maintain painful habits. 

“The purpose of KAP is to create a non-ordinary (“altered”) state of consciousness in order to facilitate profound transpersonal (“transcendental,” “mystical,” “spiritual,” “religious”) peak experiences that may be beneficial in resolving your existential problems, accelerating your psycho-spiritual growth and lead you to a deep personal transformation and optimization of your lifestyle. Such change is best facilitated within a structured supportive psychotherapeutic milieu in connection with therapists who have a view of your issues, hopes, desires, and struggles. As a byproduct of your experience you may well feel improvement in your emotional state and reduction in symptoms that bother you such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic manifestations. You may notice that you are a bit different after a ketamine experience and that difference may well be liberating and allow for new mindfulness and new behavior. It is frequently the case that a ketamine experience may promote happiness, empathy, loving-kindness to self and others, and a sense of greater self-acceptance and peacefulness.”  — Phil Wolfson, MD

Resourcing in Community

We need each other to stabilize freedom. Community is a feeling of fellowship with others that stems from sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. This practice of freedom includes developing and participating with a community of people that provides a supportive environment for practice in relationships.

One’s community can function as an ongoing accountability structure for its members, modeling compassion and furthering education in well-being. Growing your community, wherever you are, is vital to your freedom.

There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Let’s go far, together.

Areas of Clinical Specialty:

  • Being at Home in Your Body
  • Transforming Anxiety
  • Feeling Through Depression
  • Growing Conscious Relationships
  • Deactivating Emotional Reactivity
  • Releasing Trauma in Your Body
  • Debunking Core Limiting Beliefs
  • Empowering Self Leadership
  • Metabolizing Grief & Loss
  • Retiring Self-Criticism & Shame
  • Meeting Life Transitions
  • Opening / Awakening
  • Integrating Psychedelic Experiences
  • Clinical Psychedelic Research

Training Includes:

  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
  • MDMA-Assisted Therapy (Clinical Research Only)
  • Mindfulness & MBSR
  • Mindful Self-Compassion
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Compassion Cultivation
  • Relational Gestalt
  • Trauma Resiliency
  • EMDR
  • Grief Support
  • End of Life Presence
  • Psychedelic Health & Happiness

To me, therapy is a sacred encounter. While uncovering your own freedom you’ll be met by my curious and compassionate presence, my grounded, skilled perspectives, and committed support. 

Freedom is a curious and compassionate relationship with your mind.

-Dr. Nick Brüss

Dr. Nicholas Brüss, EdD, LMFT

Integrative Psychotherapy • Concierge Ketamine-Assisted Programs • Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

Psychedelic: Integration Coach • Trainer • Researcher • Consultant • Speaker